Godric Alburne of the SCA

I originally joined the Society for Creative Anachronism in the late 2000s while a student at South Dakota State University.

I spent time as a fighter, an herald, and a webminister. I served as the kingdom submissions herald for Northshield and trained to be a marshal. Then, I took an extended break from the SCA starting around 2014 or so.

After moving to North Carolina in 2022, I joined the kingdom of Atlantia as part of the Shire of Seareach. I took up the mantle of webminister for the shire. This is when I finally registered my own device.

However, the timing didn't feel right, and so I left again.

Below is my persona and Order of Precedence.

Hlaford Godric Alburne

A photo of Ben Overmyer in the SCA in 2010
Godric Alburne, fighter, 2010
Ben Overmyer's heraldic device in the SCA
My heraldic device


Note: No, that's not a typo; I was given an AoA twice.

Offices Held