This page is for information about geography and related concerns. I'm learning this for world-building purposes.

Climates and Biomes

Climates and biomes are not the same thing. A biome is derived from a climate, but a climate is based on geographical traits.


The primary determinants of a climate are sun intensity, hours of daylight, axial tilt, distance from the equator, distance and direction to the nearest mountains, distance and direction to the nearest ocean, and altitude.

The following are traits of a geographic region that determine its climate:

The traits of a climate are the following:

The following are types of climate:


A biome has the following traits:

The following are types of terrestrial biome (loosely following Whittaker's scheme):

There are also freshwater marine biomes (lakes, rivers, and ponds), and the following marine biomes:

Regarding fauna in biomes: