November 3, 2020

As soon as the pre-expansion patch launched, I fired up World of Warcraft with the intent to create my new main character and begin my adventure anew.

Well, that first night there was a bit of a hiccup, as everyone else had the same idea. It took a lot longer to unlock the Vulpera allied race than I thought it would, as there was a quest chain for me to complete and it was very buggy. On top of that, I kept getting logged out. Eventually, I gave up for the night and logged back in the next day. Everything went smoothly after that.

I created Uvinji, my Vulpera Shaman, and logged in. I expected to start at the new new-player island, but instead it started me off at level 10 and skipped all of that. I was a little disappointed, but oh well.

After a little bit of running around Orgrimmar, I went on my way to Northrend to do the Wrath of the Lich King content. It was fun, at first, especially because I started in an area that I'd never actually done before. I made my way through all the quests in the Borean Tundra and ended up in Dragonblight.

At this point, I'd leveled up to 31. With the level cap being 50 now, that was quite a bit of progress. However, at this point, I got bored of the grind. The content was familiar, and honestly, I hate the Scourge and all of the undead-filled areas. They're very monotone in color and boring to level through. So, I used my one-time Shadowlands level-up-to-50 token on Uvinji to power him all the way up, and went through the "you're a brand new 50" tutorial.

I'm looking forward to the pre-expansion event that starts next Tuesday. Here's hoping it's more exciting than the last time the Scourge event happened...