Switching to Zola

March 8, 2021

I switched the static site generator used for this site from Hugo to Zola over the weekend.

Hugo is fine, for the most part. Zola hit the front page of Hacker News, so being curious as always, I played with it a bit.

Zola's templating language is very similar to Twig. This makes sense, since they're both derived from the same root.

Hugo templates are based on Go. This can be obtuse at times, especially since Hugo's documentation leaves a bit to be desired.

Besides the templating, front matter is easier to deal with in Zola. Zola has some issues, but so far I'm enjoying working with it more than I did Hugo.

So, now this site is built in Zola.

As part of that, I decided to change up the look of the site. It's similar but not the same.