Predictions for 2030

January 3, 2020

This post is inspired by a thread from Hacker News. I posted a comment there with ten predictions for 2030. This is an extrapolation of that.

Global Trends and Events

  1. Populism reaches a crescendo globally. Nascent populist governments become more entrenched, especially in North and South America.

  2. China supersedes the United States as the preeminent global superpower.

  3. A conflict between Russia and China comes seemingly out of nowhere, but is resolved quickly.

  4. Electric vehicles become more mainstream, but still do not overtake ICE vehicles in sales or ownership.

  5. Cannabis is de-scheduled in the United States. A minor economic boom results.

  6. Tech hubs in the Midwest begin to overtake the old tech hubs in activity and population.

  7. Housing shortages worsen globally.

  8. Australia suffers a series of natural disasters that results in heavy depopulation.

  9. Battery technology will see a significant breakthrough that results in much greater life and much lower weight, but it will not be affordable. Yet.

  10. An economic "adjustment" occurs as trade between the United States and China is heavily curtailed.

Personal Trends and Events

  1. I finally achieve financial independence.

  2. I publish a book, but it's not the one I expect to write.

  3. My health improves dramatically. My hobbies change as a result.

  4. I start another hobby business, and this time it sticks around.

  5. I make the switch to electric vehicle ownership and never look back.

  6. My remaining hair disappears. My beard grows to compensate.

  7. New friends and stronger relationships with existing ones enrich my life.

  8. A personal tragedy changes my outlook on life.

  9. My political views change as a result of world events.

  10. I buy a house.