Pivoting back to full-stack developer

April 7, 2023

So we're in the process of immigrating to Canada. As part of that process, I discovered that software engineers in Canada are treated like proper engineers. That is, they are regulated like engineers, and require licensing in order to work. I would need to go back to university and get a degree specifically in software engineering in order to work as a software engineer in Canada.

However, there is another "NOC" - a job code - that fits my experience fairly well, and that's 21234 - "web developers and programmers." In going through the list of job titles contained in that NOC, the one that best suits my years as a "devops engineer" would be back-end developer. However, I've always been interested in all sides of the equation. Before I pivoted to become a devops engineer, I was a full-stack developer. I worked on front end, back end, infrastructure, and design.

Now, I'm reclaiming that title, and pivoting back to my original focus.

I'm still working as a "Senior Platform Engineer" at Apiture. However, now I'm intentionally tailoring my work - as much as I'm able - to exercise all of my development skills and not just my infrastructure ones.

Once it's time to move on to a new employer, I want to get a true full-stack role if possible.

While I'm conversant in Svelte, I imagine I need to get more experience working with React if I want to do any modern front-end work. I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my professional life!