On leveling and collections in Star Wars Galaxies

March 5, 2008

Recently I hit level 88 with Scin. One of my guildies promptly gave me an AK-Prime rocket launcher, the most powerful Commando weapon in the game, just because he had one lying around. The IA, to put it mildly, rocks. I've taken part in some PvP and instances since then, and I have to say that my damage output has skyrocketed. I've also started learning the ins and outs of Commando tactics, and I may actually be effective in combat in the near future. However, I have made almost zero progress towards level 89. Now that I've gotten the greatest prize of Commando, there is very little motivation for me to continue the painful grind to CL90. I still hold it as a goal, though, and will probably just do the thirty-nine missions it will take to get me there in a four-day grind marathon. Leveling in SWG is not particularly fun. The Collections, however, are awesome. Despite their huge requirements compared to EQ2's collections (completing the Peko Peko kill collection requires defeating 100 peko pekos, 100 giant peko pekos, 50 peko peko albatrosses (not soloable), and 25 peko peko albatross matriarchs (VERY not soloable)), they're a whole lot of fun. If I'm bored or waiting for an instance group to get set up, I'll run around and kill a few dozen critters or NPCs for a kill quest, or search for some of the elusive items for the weapon collections. The rewards are varied and interesting, ranging from titles to new abilities, and it's a blast just finding out what collections are available.

Goal Update

Major Goal #1: Hit CL90 with Scin. Almost there, only 39 missions to go. Major Goal #2: Acquire a Vigo. No progress at all. Major Goal #3: Imperial Army space wing. Did a brief tour as a gunner on the Titan VI, one of the IA's gunships. Minor Goal #1: Finish the Rare Weapons Collections. No progress. Minor Goal #2: Fuura Hengwen, Shipwright. No progress, and I may end up keeping Fuura as a domestics trader instead. I enjoy the low time sink and bevy of creativity involved in domestics crafting.