Old sites and art galleries

July 22, 2023

Someone on Hacker News mentioned that he liked my website's content and that it inspired him to go find his old sites on the Wayback Machine and add their content to his site.

This was a great idea. I did the same and recovered most (but not all) of my sites and content. I put them online at old-sites.benovermyer.com. It stretches back to when I was in high school in the late 90s.

A screenshot of my first website from 1997
My first website, circa 1997

Seeing my old "art gallery" pages from the early 2000s made me want to rework my "art portfolio" part of my current site. I stopped having an art gallery when I discovered DeviantArt, which made it easy to share artwork and get comments and such. However, I miss having my own art gallery on my site.

So, I converted my "portfolio" (which I don't use as a portfolio anyway) into a full gallery of my art. It contains a lot of the art I had on my old sites, and some newer artwork that I never put online before. It mimicks the layout of my old art galleries, with 64px × 64px thumbnails and direct links to the full image.

I will add more to it over time now that I'm starting to focus on creating things again.