My Politics, 2018 Edition

July 26, 2018

I've been looking at what's coming up on the ballot for this midterm election. I decided it might be interesting to blog about where I'm at right now with my political views, since they're always in flux.

Before I get to my positions, indulge me in a few considerations.

First, I have been called a liberal, a conservative, a progressive, a fascist, and a socialist. None of these is true, but all of them have a grain of truth.

Second, I'm an American by birth, but have spent a few years living abroad. Specifically, four years in New Zealand. This colors my views a bit.

Third, I'm contemptuous of the prevailing American culture of Left versus Right, liberal versus conservative. It's overly reductive and harmful to a broader dialogue about our society. If you don't think enough about your own identity to consider this, then you need to start.

Fourth, while I apply labels just as much as the next person, I try to remain cognisant of this fact and avoid dismissing “outsider” views out of hand.

Alright, with those things out of the way, let me get into the meat of it.

The List