Looking ahead to 2022

January 1, 2022

2022 promises to be a year of big changes. We're moving to North Carolina sometime in the first quarter. I'm planning on leaning hard into biking and beach culture, which should have the side effect of helping me become fit again. I want to try surfing and snorkeling and other such things.

For Iron Arachne, I plan to work on enhancing existing generators over adding more. In particular, I want to make them more customizable and allow better export options. The culture, heraldry, and region generators will see the bulk of the changes here. I will probably try again to write a map generator to go with the region generator. Though I have yet to understand the math behind it, I keep trying. Eventually I'll get it.

For fitness, my strategy is fairly simple. I'll spend less of my free time in front of a computer screen and more on running around outside. I hope to make a habit of logging off after work and going for a run or something. On weekends I'll need a different pivot point; maybe before breakfast I'll go out. That I'm less sure on. My doctor continues to recommend cholesterol medication, so I might finally take that advice.

I want to rejoin the Society for Creative Anachronism in 2022. I'll be in a brand new area completely devoid of past drama. It'll be a good opportunity to reconnect with more physical hobbies I used to have. I already have a device in review at the society level; hopefully it's accepted, because it's perfect for a cook who likes the beach.

Final Fantasy XIV continues to hold my interest, which is rare for an MMO. My free company, the Mystic Exiles, is a great group of people. There are a couple individuals in particular that I have fun playing with. Maybe someday I'll get to meet them all in person. I got the FF14 cookbook for Christmas, and I plan on making several dishes out of it this year. Maybe I'll write about my experiences with it here. Maybe I'll write more about what I do in FF14 in general, actually. That could be fun.

For my 40th birthday this year we're going to Hawai'i. I'm really looking forward to that trip. It's only a couple months away now. It gives me another incentive to rock the fitness thing early and hard. It's also possible that we'll be going to Italy with my family this year. Sarah and I are learning Italian, though she's much better about the learning habit than I am. I need to devote more time to it.

Assuming we're able to rent a house with no shared walls or at least thick walls, I also want to get back into playing musical instruments. I have a dizi flute that I've only just started to learn how to play. If the stars align, maybe I'll get a piano and start playing that again too. For now though, I'm only committing to learning the dizi.

All of the above makes for a pretty action-packed 2022. Hopefully nothing crazy happens that throws all of this out the window. If it does, well, my main goal will still be improving fitness and health.