Learning to use emacs

December 2, 2019

I've been a vim user for somewhere around 10 years. While I'm comfortable enough in it, my knowledge and practice of it are still relatively amateurish. For a long time now I have heard others sing the praises of emacs, and since I'm trying to expand my horizons, it sounded like a good idea to try and pick it up.

I'm writing this blog post in emacs. Where possible, emacs is the first editor that I reach for, even though I know I could accomplish my goals faster and with less pain if I stuck to what I know. It's an interesting experience.

I like that emacs is more natural-feeling than vim. The key incantations to do things are relatively intuitive. However, there is a lot of memorization I'm going to need to do in order to be effective with it.

This month will be my trial period. By the end of December, I'll have figured out whether I want to continue using emacs, or switch back to vim.