Iron Arachne Updates for January

January 30, 2019

It's been a dry spell for Iron Arachne for the past couple months. The holidays and work on Silver Gryphon Games meant that I had no time for coding outside of work.

Coming up in February I have a two-week trip to Thailand. I won't be coding during that, either!

Yet, I have been spooling up some projects for Iron Arachne. Here are some of the things I'll be doing this half of the year:

I plan on doing work to make publishing and discovering these generators easier. That means releasing several of them as Docker images on Docker Hub, among other things.

The generator community is a talented group. More links to authors' tools are going to appear on the Iron Arachne website.

I'm thinking about what kinds of generators I should be writing for Iron Arachne. Many of the ideas I've been running with so far have been things that've done many times before by other people. This includes name generators, character generators, and so forth. I'd like to cover new territory now that I have more experience with writing these tools.