Finally, at long last...

March 31, 2008

Scin Karetyr, CL90 Commando. Finally. The long grind is over... and I can’t help but think, now what? So, let’s review those goals:

Goal Update

Major Goal #1: Hit CL90 with Scin. Done!

Major Goal #2: Acquire a Vigo. No progress.

Major Goal #3: Imperial Army space wing. No new progress.

Minor Goal #1: Finish the Rare Weapons Collections. Got two new items for the Rare Melee Weapons III collection.

Minor Goal #2: Fuura Hengwen, Shipwright. No progress, and I’m seriously considering just staying a Domestics trader.

So. Now Major Goals #2 and #3 become #1 and #2, and Minor Goal #2 is scrapped in light of the fact that I’m just enjoying Domestics too much. I’ll have to work more on my major goals, it seems. I should also mention that I’m working on a machinima movie for my guild, the Imperial Army. That could be considered a Major Project rather than a goal, as it’s an ongoing and very long-term process.