April 2022 update on my RPG projects

April 1, 2022

It's been quite some time since I last wrote about the tabletop RPG projects I have in the works.

For the most part, there have been very few updates over the last year. However, I have been occasionally plinking away at the Ingenium Second Edition manuscript, and lately I've been planning on how to bring a few others closer to completion.

Updates on existing projects

Ingenium Second Edition has seen the bulk of the work. Species were renamed to bloodlines. An entire continent was removed from the setting. A lot of things were reworked for the 2d6 core mechanic. A lot of Talents and spells were added. Professions got organizations that you have a relationship with starting out. A languages index was added. All of the remaining Talents were planned out. Most were fleshed out. Wizard marks were made a core part of the magic system instead of a Talent.

Mysteries of a Broken World was... just converted to LaTeX. Nothing substantial changed here.

Vox Draconis: Kingdoms of Stone and Fire similarly had little done to it. A few cosmetic changes and typo fixes.

Plans for the future

I'm going to continue to bring Ingenium Second Edition closer to completion. It remains my primary focus. I plan on doing all of the work myself, including layout and illustration. For the immediate future I'm going to focus on writing all of the spells, miracles, spirit tricks, and Talents.

Mysteries of a Broken World is going to get the most dramatic change of the three. I'm going to rework it to be purely a solo RPG. The survival theme will get stronger, since there will no longer be other players to worry about.

Vox Draconis: Kingdoms of Stone and Fire will probably see the least work this year. It's a tight concept and really just needs fleshing out rather than any system development. From time to time I'll add to it, but Ingenium will take up more of my attention.

Lastly, I plan on formally adding Ingenium Second Edition to this website. The trademark and copyright are mine now instead of Silver Gryphon Games'. I'll make a bigger post about this later.