Anticipating Guild Wars 2

August 11, 2012

In two weeks from today, the head start for Guild Wars 2 begins.

My feelings right now are mixed. I have never been a very excitable person, and tend to just keep busy rather than think about an upcoming event. However, this time is different. I find myself waiting with baited breath as the days tick by, bringing us ever closer to launch. I can feel the anticipation building. My guild is humming with activity, and the energy is contagious.

As a way to greet the game that may become the greatest MMORPG I have ever played, I committed to drawing one Guild Wars 2-themed sketch per day and posting it to my guild's forums. Each day's sketch is unplanned, other than that I want to stick to the rough ink style I've been using lately. I may use deviantART's Muro, or I might draw by hand. Either way, the drawing will be guided by listening to the Guild Wars 2 soundtrack (courtesy of YouTube).

I bought the Digital Deluxe edition rather than the Collector's Edition, and I don't regret that choice. I do wish I could get a copy of the soundtrack legitimately in MP3 form, though, and for that I hope to turn to one of the music services - Amazon, Zune, or Google Play.

Each of the posts to Dicejockey for the next few weeks is likely to be GW2-themed. If you're here for Ingenium news, keep an eye on the Silver Gryphon Games website; that's where I'll be posting about 2nd Edition and Eiridia.