Another Forgotten Project: Mysteries of a Broken World

February 18, 2021

Three years ago, I was working on the last project I would touch at Silver Gryphon Games. It was an old-school revival game called Mysteries of a Broken World. It was meant to be a fantasy post-apocalyptic game and cleave close to the design paradigms of OSR:

I wrote several blog articles on my now-defunct Accio Inspirante blog about the game. After Silver Gryphon Games met its end, I forgot it even existed. This morning while cleaning up some things in my account I noticed Accio Inspirante and took a look around. On the principle that I'm collecting all of my works in one place, I moved all of the blog posts from there into this site. You can read them here:

When I took a look at the manuscript for Mysteries of a Broken World, it was in quite the state. I converted it from Markdown to LaTeX, like I've done for Vox Draconis: Kingdoms of Stone and Fire and for Ingenium Second Edition. While I was converting it, I saw a lot that I liked about the system.

I added Mysteries to my in-progress games. The PDF is available on the RPGs page if you want to see what it's like. I'll continue working on it alongside VD:KSF and I2E.