2024 Midyear Project Update

June 23, 2024

2024 has been a hectic year so far. Most recently, we very nearly moved to western New York, but a series of unfortunate events and observations made us reconsider at the last second and decide to continue renting in Wilmington.

I haven't made any progress on reigniting my morning jogging habit. However, once my leg heals (dermatology thing, don't ask), I intend to start it up again. I completely halted my weight training after my doctor told me "it counts as exercise, I guess." That just took all the wind out of my sails.

My alcohol-free phases are on track. January and March were alcohol-free, and September will be the third for this year.

Silver Gryphon Games has stagnated. I finished the Aether second edition manuscript and got cover art for both it and Ingenium's second edition. However, Aether and Aethermancy are both stalled, waiting on Kevin. Considering how crazy his life is right now - as I'm writing this his hometown is flooded so bad he can't go home - I don't blame him one bit. I'll have to focus on getting Ingenium out the door.

Iron Arachne has had some minor tweaks to the star system and planet generators, and one new generator in the form of a Velgarth gift generator. Other than that, it hasn't had any new sci-fi generator updates. If I want to complete this goal, I'll need to work on something in the latter half of this year.

Two of my three planned trips are behind me. The resort vacation in Cancun was kind of like a light version of "The Hangover," so we'll just leave it at that. The eclipse-viewing party was awesome; I will probably never get to see an eclipse like that again in my lifetime.

The final planned trip for this year is in August. I also drove to New York to look at property and explore in the first half of June, and I will be flying up to Minnesota in late August for 2D Con. That's plenty of trips, I think! I didn't journal about any of them so far.

However, I have been consistent in journaling about my day job every Friday. I intend to turn this into a big year-end review, but that won't be public. At least, not in its entirety, anyway.