Contact Information

You can get in touch with me in a variety of ways. Email is best.

Email: ben@overmyer.net

Fediverse: @dungeonHack@fosstodon.org

LinkedIn: benovermyer

Professional Background

I'm a software engineer who loves the web. Not just web technology, mind you; the very idea of the web. Since its inception, it has changed the world. It's my job and my passion to make it better.

I've travelled the world, lived abroad, and usually only ever lived in one place for a couple years at a time. Currently I live in Wilmington, North Carolina, but that will change in a year or two.

My particular focus in the professional world is automation, observability, and systems architecture. Complex systems and their interactions are amazing things.

I started my professional career as a developer, not a system administrator. Now I'm an engineer specializing in platforms. I love driving innovation, understanding of systems, and reliability. It's a fascinating domain.

Personal Specifics

Politics: Politics goes well beyond labels for the discerning fan of democracy and the human condition. From an American standpoint, I'm an extreme progressive.

Guiding Philosophies: Stoicism, pragmatism, empiricism, and a dash of existential nihilism to put things into perspective

Causes I Care About: Gender equality, freedom of expression and identity, basic human rights, universal education, universal health care

Hobbies: Cooking, gaming, reading, coding tools for and designing tabletop RPGs, writing, making themed music playlists

Theme Song: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP

Languages Spoken: